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This is Leatheton - My new eBook poetry series

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Release date - 1st July 2019 You can find the 1st eBook of the series 'Welcome to Leatheton' at

If you enjoyed the poetry reading style of 'Poems From a Runaway - A True Story' , then you'll probably love this too. It's written and laid out similarly, just as gritty, down to earth and in it's own way - a chance to reflect on the different types of people in our society. It's also a celebration of our diverse communities and celebrates the heart and warmth of everyday people, even among a sometimes rough exterior. Maybe even some of the characters in this series will remind you of some people that you know.

Although it's a work of fiction, many real moments have inspired me to write 'Welcome to Leatheton' which will go on to be part of a book series called 'This is Leatheton'.

The fictional town of Leatheton was once a bustling market town many, many years ago - but has since hit hard times over the last twenty-five years. People still try their best to enjoy themselves here though, most of them anyway.

Still it has stories. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Read how a small dog called Derry becomes a national celebrity overnight, and what happens when some of the locals cause a fuss about their local children's home.

In all there are 33 stories/poems in 'Welcome to Leatheton', all of which contain a deeper message of warmth, unity and understanding among it's events.

 If you're one of the very first people to read my latest (and 2nd ever) book , then please do let me know what you think, by using the hashtags #Leatheton or #ThisIsLeatheton. You can also tag me on Twitter @PoemsFaRunaway

For those reading, I really hope you enjoy it.

😆 Big Love.

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