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My email (and open letter) to Rumble

I've decided to make many of my communications now public to highlight what has been two years of severe let downs. I am hoping that Rumble do the right thing and don't just turn a blind eye like most others have. This is all so wrong!! Request for review of derogatory video and it taken down


I'm not sure why but it took me ages to find out how to get a video removed and perhaps through the stress of events I had been lapse at getting your email.

Anyhow, earlier on this year a video was made about me falsely labelling me to be a paedophile. The screenshot in the video is clearly fake/doctored and the video also contains attempts to dox my personal family members.

Although I can understand this slipping under the radar of moderation as I haven't requested it, it is important to note that this video with it's link and title was posted over many of my personal Facebook friends pages in which Facebook outright (and well over 50 reports) denied to take the post down.

Also, this video was made by a Canadian using your platform called Cory Resilient, and in an attempt to get this video removed I contacted the police of this persons residence in British Columbia. Despite the Canadian police asking me to get a statement written up my local police force have outright refused to collaborate or take a statement claiming that there's not a thing they can do because the crime was committed abroad.

I am clearly being stitched up.

My local police know full well I am not a paedophile nor has there ever been any evidence to suggest so. The claim on the video that I am a sex offender and banned from schools is clearly fake and I have DBS security checks to prove (at least until last 18 months or so) that this is not the case.

I am asking rumble to review this video, and see clearly that it is a harassment campaign and to take the video down. As you will see from the comments I have been forced to defend myself and also have to admit the whole thing sent me a bit doolalley and some of my reactions I've been embarrassed with, but I think most others would have made the same mistake.

This has been a total nightmare and a real rocker of my reality.

I am not expecting anyone to help because so far nobody has, everybody has refused.

I have reason to believe I am targeted by dark and powerful forces and I will now be publishing the majority of my communications (including this one) on my blog at

I am asking those involved to please do the right thing and not allow the blatant harassment and targeting of writers, poets and political commentators.

All the very best and merry Christmas.

If you have listened, then thank you.


Ben Westwood

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