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Statement regarding recent Rumble video

Unfortunately I'm having some real frustrating and difficult issues both getting this video on Rumble taken down and it's promotion on the internet which contains serious false and malicious allegations of a sexual and criminal nature, as well as the promotion of suicide. It's been somewhat of a strange journey, and has taught me a lot about how frustrating it must be for others going through similar situations and feeling let down by those they try to report it to. Both the police and social media companies have completely failed me on this. Also I have a clunky phone so unable to download the rumble app which I believe is the only way to report it (desktop doesn't allow reporting) There's a lot to all of this, including my barriers in getting it all sorted out, but the ideal outcome would be that the Rumble video is taken down along with this very blog post and anything else I've had to use to raise a voice and defend myself in whatever madness this all is. So to Cory Resilient, please man, let's put an end to all of this. It's not doing any of us any good. Like I say at the end of the video, it's all 'empty calories' all of this. Let's hope this blog post along with everything else, including this sick video on Rumble is merely a distant memory. What do you say ay?

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