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The people's manifesto

I haven't been using this website for a while, and today I'm on here to try and launch another little project - The people's manifesto, which I hope can at least try to help amplify voices of people like myself who feel that their their opinions and experiences are often unheard, disregarded or overshadowed by political rhetoric. The manifesto will also be a chance for people from different walks of life to inform and educate each other on social and political issues which effect them personally, hopefully cutting much deeper than the commonly followed political themes.

That's not to say we don't support some of them, but this will be an ideas board for those who feel that their input into potential improvements or problem solving to aspects of life could be easily achievable, if only their ideas were heard and a genuine effort was made.

Perhaps it could even become a message to government, in its own form a sort of peaceful protest which shouts "Our lived experience needs to be counted for".

People's manifesto.

Ben's contributions.

Challenging exploitation of charitable causes. (coming soon)

Evolving our concept of solving homelessness. (a more widespread approach which truly)

Acknowledging and repairing a disconnection between policing and community.

Repairing a work culture that challenges toxicity and encourages people to thrive.

Acknowledging voices of parental alienation.


Updated as and when

(Cozza from Tiktok) Young people are often being scapegoated around serious issues when not enough attention is given to those adults often creating the problem.

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