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Something brighter to reset the energies. #FREE DOWNLOAD #MUSIC #BANDCAMP

Hopefully recent intense posts won't have to be there much longer, but it's all about resetting the energies, especially when it can all consume you. So once again here's my Christmas Keyboard show from 2021 which was made on a Yamaha portable keyboard and ran through a 4 track recorder. Shabby, but I like to think it worked. Enjoy! FREE TO DOWNLOAD - DONATIONS AND REPOSTS ACCEPTED AND HUGELEY APPRECIATED :)

The Christmas keyboard show is a real mix of house, trance, chill out, funky, electronic and more. For those that don't already know, I'm a guitarist and singer as well as being a passionate writer. You can view more of my music projects at More of my favourite projects include the following.

Check out these tunes I made here through the Bandlab app!

'County lines' is a reggae song I wrote, the rest on the collection are a mix of different genres :)

For those that don't already know who I am, I'm an Writer, poet, musician and author of Poems From a Runaway, which is my journey of being a child runaway living on the streets of London whilst missing from children's homes and foster parents. Find out more at and at my blog by clicking here.

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