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The Giant Magic Tree - Poem - Commissioned by The Foundling Museum - Quentin Blake exhibition.

A few of you have been asking me where they can read my poem 'The Giant Magic Tree' which was a recently commissioned piece for the Quentin Blake 'Gifted' exhibition at The Foundling Museum.

I'm glad to say that I'm finally able to share it, but why not get the full experience and see it on the walls of The Foundling Museum which will host a series of Quentin Blake drawings from two of his collections along with poems from numerous writers. (You can read more about it here)

More information and tickets for the exhibition can be found at

The Giant Magic Tree

Hey, do you like my drawing? It's of the giant magic tree, It appears often in my dreams, And sometimes I sit and think about it, Or daydream whilst I'm walking. Something's telling me that I have to go and search for it, I know in my heart, But I don't know where to go at all, But in my dreams I've been told, That it's sure to be found.

So can you help me find it? I'll tell you all about it, And if we see it around here, we'll be sure to climb it, It reaches high and branches wide, as far as you can see, I've even dreamt of you in there, inside this giant magic tree.

You were happy as it goes, you barked and wagged your tail, As I climbed up higher and shouted down of all the things I'd seen,

I'd followed some intriguing creatures, that led me down the way,

To worlds I'd never seen before, great places with great feelings.

One time it was a scary dream, I saw a scary snake, I jumped right back and hurt my arm, and slipped right off the branch, Forever I was falling now, it seemed I had no hope, But at the very last moment the giant magic tree reached out it's branches and caught me, I'm laying flat and looking up, above everything seems small, I'm sore and I take one big deep breath, the tree then calls out "Look at me." I look inside the giant tree, and that was when I saw, The other branches leading out, that I'd not seen before, I wonder what is through there, and what happens if I go, And if I don't go up to look at all I guess I'll never know. I won't rush through the giant tree, I'll take a look around, And try more to look ahead and take in every sound, Not just because of scary snakes but to listen in the tree, There's always more going on than the eye can often seen.

And when we finally find it, we'll climb it every day, And then I'll grow up big and strong, the more I find my way, And if I fall off it again, and end up bruised and sore, I'll look up again into the tree, for now I'm not inside, But I'll just find another way, to the places there I'm yet to see, Whilst moving leafy branches, to look inside the giant magic tree. So come, let's go, I know it's here, Let's find this new great place, But why are you not moving now? And why've you licked my face?

Written by Ben Westwood. Copyright 2021

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