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Personalised signed copies
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Poems From a Runaway is a book consisting of 60 poems/true stories about being a runaway child sleeping rough, living on the streets of London and going through the care system.
More information is on my homepage

Poems From a runaway is available for £11.99 as a paperback on Amazon (Click here)
 and £4.99 as an ebook. (Click here) 


Welcome to Leatheton is the first of a future series and is a fictional mixed-bag poetry book inspired from the everyday world and British culture. 

It is a gritty and down-to-earth poetry book which features several characters that appear throughout it, such as 'Little Jack' and a dog called 'Derry'.
You will find messages of understanding, unity and humanity beyond the rough edges of the people in this book.

Welcome To Leatheton is available as a paperback on Amazon (Click here)
 and as an ebook. (Click here) 


Handcrafted beaded bracelets


I hand craft every bead on these bracelets myself by using Polymer clay using a cane-making process which originates from the process of making venitian-glass. 

This means the patterns go all the way through the bead, meaning that you can't scratch the patterning off. 

I started making this style of beads around 2009 when living in Brighton, UK. Those of you already familiar with them will be pleased to know that this year I'll be taking the quality of these beads up a level by using a more suited Polymer clay. I've also changed up my curing process a little, meaning a much firmer looking finish to this years bracelets. I'll also be spending more time on each individual bead to ensure an overall even sharper finish. 

Also from 2021, every one of my bracelets will come with a spare elastic string and an extra bead for those that wish to adjust the size of their bracelet. 

Currently there are only a small number of each design available.



8 track album ( 3+ 5 secret tracks)

Despite the guitar on cover, this is actually an electronic track with my vocals.

An electronic track I made at a friends with my own lyrics and vocals

Chill out wintery/christmassy electronic tune. 

Original recording of my acoustic song 'Think Beautiful'

Vocals, lyrics and guitar by me.

A mix of electronic, funky guitar and my vocals/lyrics 


Electronic dance music project. (Trance) 

Another dance track I made at home with my own lyrics and vocals

My vocals and lyrics. Music by The Passion Hifi