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The News in Poetry - 29/07/2021 - X Factor

Welcome to the second ever 'The News in Poetry'. In todays news, the producers of the show X Factor have announced that they've asked it. As you will hear in this poem, I'm far from wounded about it.

X FACTOR - 29/07/2021 Some people that will hear this, may be sad to know, That the producers of X-Factor, have now axed the show, But no not me, you know I’m glad, it just ain’t how I roll, Music ain’t no competition, it’s all about the soul.

It ain’t there to boost your ego, it ain’t there to look cool, It ain’t there to laugh at someone, and make them look a fool,

Music ain’t so cheap you see, it’s something so much more,

I’ll wave with a big smile as X-Factor leaves the door.

And I know it’s great to see a story, success, a fairytale, But trust me this ain’t music, the truth will now prevail, It’s not about the ego-stroke “hey there look at me”, Music’s about the senses, healing and connectivity.

Music is an exploration, of our inner feelings, Some have words and others don’t, but music is for dreaming,

In music there’s no winner, and all here can take part,

It’s not about the image, it’s all about the art.

So give me some Jules Holland show, or a festival band,

Give me something meaningful, that I can understand,

It ain’t about just looking good, like much that’s on TV,

Should it be back on again? Soz it’s a no from me.

Copyright Ben Westwood 2021

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