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Who were PIE? And why all those concerned about child abuse in the UK should know about them.

Another child protections series here that I made in 2022 and have re-released.

The subject matter in these videos may affect some people. Please do remember to take breaks and self-care, and reach out to someone you trust if any of this affects you.

It came to my attention several years ago that there are still many social workers and those that work with young people who still aren't aware of who 'PIE' or Peter Righton was. If both of those names are unfamiliar to you and you work, volunteer or campaign on issues relating to child grooming and child sexual abuse, then I highly recommend giving these videos a watch!

Part 1 - (18m 39s)

Part 2 - (16m 36s)

Part 3 - (23m 49s)

Part 4 - (42m 18s)

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