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Re-re-releasing four of my dance music trance tunes, and they're here to stay.

After delving through my old Youtube channel at a load of videos I'd set to private throughout the years, I'd noticed a short trailer to one of these tunes which I thought I may of lost, but four of them are still here and saved. Having had various journeys since I had the equipment to make these sorts of tunes, I'd sold much of my music equipment a few years back when times got hard, and having not finely tuned these projects as much as I'd like to make the bass of the speakers really roar whilst having a listen back now (OK I admit it, I'm listening twice) perhaps one or two people out there might enjoy these progressive trance/psytrance/goatrance inspired tunes as much as I'm doing right now.

OK, so I didn't get the chance to make them as crisp as I would of possibly liked, but perhaps it's nice to have them about so some others have the chance to enjoy them too. If anyone does enjoy these tunes, you can let us know either on Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy this musical adventure :) You can find more of my music projects at

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