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The relief in KNOWING your being stitched up instead of merely suspecting it. Legally though?

It's certainly been an interesting one of late. It's never nice to know when you you're stitched up, but finally I can put semi-suspicions to rest after my latest stalking saga on Facebook, TikTok and with the evil sick and twisted video put up of me on Rumble by Cory Resilient masking (very poorly) under the banner of 'Anonymous British Columbia' both on Facebook and Twitter.

With it all being allowed to happen by both authorities and social media companies, I've got to admit I've got a lot of questions to ask now. But there's been things in my life happening that I've wondered about long before the Cory Resilient Saga, back when I started noticing dodgy comments on my Poems From a Runaway Reviews page, one reviewer profile that came to mind was someone that's commented on several of my books now and certainly claims not to like them, but I'd always been suspicious. This person is somebody called Whispy14 who I believe to be behind the scenes also as Raz Putin on Youtube.

The thing is, these dodgy reviews go back to 2021, and this person Whispy14 claims to not not live that far away from my neck of the woods .

It's a weird one because the older I get, the more I see how corrupt this world is and not what it says on the tin. Cory Resilient states that the local police over in Victoria BC (Canada) don't want to arrest him because they're finding it all quite entertaining. I certainly hope that's not the case otherwise and urgent corruption investigation would need to start happening as to why these things are allowed to be played out untouch.

Quite frankly I'm completely baffled. Everyone's just watching it happen, nothing is being done to prevent harm here. This is a complete scandal.

I hadn't clocked the comments until the other day, but you can see my video to discovering what had happened by clicking here . Excuse the tiredness here, but the video clearly explains how I'm starting to develop the theory that Cory Resilient isn't a 'gangstalking' victim or a 'targeted individual' but actually the complete opposite.

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, maybe he's just having a breakdown? Either way, I've tried the normal avenue's, this is the only way I can try to give my warnings to a failing world. One that puts posters up claiming that it stands against abuse and violence but in reality stands by and folds it's arms as needless harm and war is played out.

Many might call me a contradiction for my writings and say that I'm adding fuel to the fire, but the philosophy that people like myself should just turn the other cheek is one that I'm working hard to expose in my current book.

As mentioned in the story of how all of this has came to be, it seems we never learned from the police failings from things such as the Hampstead Hoax (click it for a great audio documentary on it). These things created not just devastation for Ricky Dearman and his two kids but had also affected an entire community with what were people just following claims with no real solid investigation.

My case of harassment and stalkery however, fortunately isn't as sophisticated as that, but I'm wondering why police forces both in the UK and over in Victoria BC seem to have not got on this up until this point. As mentioned, these stalkers know all too well how to play the system. The last thing I want is a war with this man but something clearly needs to be done to stop people being able to simply perpetrate this sort of behaviour and get away with it.

And you know what, it's not even Cory Resilient daft videos themselves that create the rage and anxiety within me to write such posts as these, it's the worlds reaction to just stand by and watch, and it's the knowing that most of the safeguards that are supposed to be in place for people are being misused by all the wrong sort of folk.

I think this will be the end of my blogging on this for now, I really don't need to say much more. I feel I'm doing well for somebody that's been failed at every turn, not just now but many many times before. People such as Cory Resilient know this unfortunately, and for all of his talents it's the very thing that lets him down. Perhaps he can change it, and perhaps maybe just maybe one day he'll understand that what I'm doing here is defending myself and fighting back in a world that does little for you to achieve it following the legitimate routes.

I certainly don't want any harm to come to this bloke too. We've all done daft things at whatever age. Sadly though, I'm left feeling like he's been brought out somehow. It does feel a bit weird in all honesty to know that he's potentially teamed up with somebody in the UK and there might be an element of money to this. I'm certainly become the stalker too myself of late, but that's usually after I'm simmered down and discover he's still at it even a month later. Does this story get even weirder? Let's hope not. Cory Resilient is likely smiling at the fact I'm pondering on such facts. But this is what happens when such circumstances are allowed to happen there in plain sight. I'm certainly not scared of Cory, but it's obvious that in one way or another that he's trying to kill me somehow, and perhaps he really is idiotic enough to come over here and try it. Who knows? Either way, this is a dangerous scandal, and one that needs to be taken seriously and noticed more before more weird stuff like this happens to other people. Peace.

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