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Being stalked or set-up? Use the internet to your advantage by leaving a digital trail.

It's nice to have a post here that I don't plan on removing. A few of my previous ones are merely there as a backup and as an explanation to a hateful and twisted video made by thou who's name shall not be mentioned.

I'd began to suspect a co-ordinated effort with someone that had been leaving me dodgy reviews two years ago on my book pages on Amazon, and much of my suspicion has been pretty much proved correct by the unfolding of events. Anyhow, I'm not here writing this to talk about that story, there's plenty to read already on my blog until the Rumble video gets taken down. However, what I am here to talk about is how when you think things might be starting to get freaky, and even potentially dangerous, why it's important to leave a digital trail if you think those suspicions could ever be linked, proven or looked backed on and traced by a thorough investigator. OK, so we live in a corrupt world with too often with huge failings of protection but still, if you smell something could be a little bit off and you wonder how far it's about to go, leaving a digital trail might even mean the difference for some between living another day or not.

Just a few years ago it was something I had to do using Facebook a few years ago in what had seemed a real-world co-ordinated attack after I'd rattled certain cages. It's another story for another day, and people can have whatever opinion they have on my mental state etc, but for anyone feeling like their being stitched up then never be shy to leave plenty of clues on your social media about who's been around or what strange and concerning things have been happening in your weird dodgy shared house. It doesn't have to state "Oh I think these people are trying to kill me", it can be something much more subtle. For all of the people on 'gangstalking' and 'targeted individual' channels and forums that well be lost in a state of paranoid psychosis and even a number of complete frauds, let's not forget that there are actually people out there being targeted at times for very legitimate reason. I could list you a whole host of reasons, but I think often once you've stripped all of those subsections away it all boils down to dark energies and fascism.

Of course, another side of all this can often be mental health. A person in their own mind might have the very best of intentions but something is skewing their sense of perception which can all too often lead to devastating impacts. Even more so when two-of-a-kind both find themselves coming together like magnets, or perhaps one is merely manipulating the other. Either way, it feeds the mania and neurotic mindset that causes the stalking and harassment to begin in the first place.

The reason we know it so well is because those of us already dealing with mental health struggles know how easy it is to get sucked into it. Before you can say "Jumping Jack Flash" we've walked right into the traps of those that are in one way or another set out on trying to destroy us. The reason I'd decided to write about it was not only because I love writing, but also because I knew that anyone could have taken the video and link to it on facebook at face value, and with me leaving enough of a trail for anyone with a curious mind to investigate the story fully, there's enough hints and perfectly traceable and investigative references and clues there for anyone to find out the full story in the end. It's what I've always done, never let them try and shut you up in order for them to carry on trying to destroy you. If things start feeling really freaky, then leave a trail because sometimes you just never know if what you're feeling is paranoia, instinct or if you're actually being completely on the ball.

You're not always wrong you know, never let them be in a position where it can all be covered up without a trace. Always leave a few things to investigate behind if you feel the darkness is coming to steal your light. There are a lot of people like me about, and you never know when they'll look at those clues and references you've posted and say "Ay up, I've just noticed something." Sure, such a tactic won't stop the most savage and mental in their tracks, but for those with minds that prey on trying to destroy what they might perceive as isolated and somewhat vulnerable, a few of them might have enough brains about them to know that you're disappearance would unravel a whole world of crap if you were to disappear after the specific clues you just left on your Facebook or other social media. Never let them stitch you up, and always let good people know what's going on.

NOTE***It might be wise to keep in mind that you may wish to delete these posts at some point. The point of such posts isn't for any type of long-term exposure, but merely as a pointer for others to know if something a little fishy could be happening. Be prepared in future to revert such posts to private or drafts once all of the drama has subsided. The point here is not to permanently damage a persons reputation, but to disarm them when they are trying to do the same, or something much worse. Peace :) Find more of my posts at Ben Westwood is a writer, author, poet, singer, musician and campaigner. Read more about his story as a runaway child, and his book 'Poems From a Runaway' at

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