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The News in Poetry - 19/08/2021 - A Prayer For Afghanistan

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

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A Prayer For Afghanistan

Stunned, shocked, sadness and in utter disbelief are some of the only ways that I can describe what I’m now feeling,

Sorrow, sympathy, and best wishes for a nation that for long has needed healing,

But how in this way? Not this day, and sadly we’re not asleep and this is very real,

And all I can do is observe from afar, listen to the echo’s of how people really feel,

Not a story for the grandkids that I ever wanted to tell,

The days the world watched as Kabul fell.

There is simply too much doubt in a progressive Taliban two-point-nought, too many families worried with panic and distraught,

So can we please give a thought, to both those that are suffering and also those that have fought, for what was two decades of pushing back terrorism, rebuilding human rights and the ridding of barbaric injustices handed out by kangaroo courts.

And sure money was made, and I’m in no denial that most of us are completely unaware of the behind-the-scenes actions played, by those with things to sell.

But soldiers now who’ve been through hell, and now they ask what was it for,

The cost of lives and widowed wives count for nothing as we close the door.

A gutting feeling for both Westerners and Afghans, both civilians and those fighting, when we thought we would prevail,

But sadly now to our dismay there is no fairy tale,

The Taliban with cunning wit had focused state to state,

Outnumbering the Afghan troops, many which they would recruit, it’s join or sure a gun would shoot, what else could be their fate?

And now we hear the echo’s of anger, both in their country and afar,

That now it’s even more a mess, too much distress, women being told how to dress are simply smallest fears,

People running for their lives at the airport there are screams and tears, and those that didn’t make it there are hiding from the Taliban,

So could I ask you please for one thing? Please close your eyes and say a prayer for the families living there stuck inside Afghanistan.

Copyright ben Westwood 2021

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