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The News in Poetry 28/09/2021 - Petrol Pump Panic

It's been nearly a month since my last 'The News in Poetry' - so here goes.

Petrol Pump Panic

It’s panic at the petrol pumps, most of the stations are now closed,

There’s queues of stressed out drivers, that are blocking all the roads,

They’ve said that there’s a shortage, and now there’s people filling jerry cans,

Bojo’s again well out of his depth, it seems the Tories made no plans.

There’s teachers that can’t get to work, there’s ambulances can’t drive,

There’s food that needs to get to us, to keep us all alive,

So before you hoard those petrol pumps, and whilst you wait with engines on,

Just look at the bigger picture and see that you’re not the only one.

Is your journey that essential? Can you leave it just a week?

Or will it be anxiety that leaves our autumn bleak?

Will failing to step back a bit be what will make this worse?

Easing your foot off the gas, don’t mean you’re in reverse.

If only we could have it all, but life’s not a simulation,

There’s no photos of the oil rigs when your at the petrol station,

And it’s easy when you’re not the one that’s now ran out of luck,

How will you pay the rent this week when your off work cuz you’re stuck.

So before you turn a hoarder, don’t turn away in selfishness,

Don’t run and hide and try to deny that your actions don’t help cause this mess,

And if you think that switching your mind off will give your soul a pass,

Then it’s a fool that don’t believe that karma bites you in the ass.

So please don’t panic, just try to chill because, still, if we all remained calm and just got what we needed when we needed it then, we can look back and say - look, everything is OK.

Sure for a few days things won’t be as fast as we used to, but please, whoever hears this, I’m talking to you, the only way we can say that we made a choice that was clever, is if we show mass thoughtfulness and community consciousness to pull together.

Sometimes what seems a sacrifice, even like lockdown where you have to slow down at least twice, we can make the most of what we already have.

And if you’re one of those struggling to pay the rent this week because of the current situation which does look a bit bleak, then,

I hope life throws some blessings your way.

“But that’s not good enough” I hear you say, I know I know, the government should have done more.

Perhaps there could have been a lot more thought, like managing how much petrol over the last few days people could get from a forecourt.

How about leaving one petrol pump open for emergency service workers - there’s an idea to ponder on, but still a lot of thinking needed.

But look, just take a breath, everything is going to be alright. We’ve got through so much more worse than this already, so chill and ride steady and take this time to appreciate those things which being so busy can cloud over.

Everything is going to be ok.

Everything is going to be ok.

Copyright Ben Westwood 2021

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