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Original acoustic songs for the soul. Part one.

Life's a funny one ain't it. Either way, I've always managed to write a song a two during whatever's going on. Most of my tunes are only to be found in 'spur of the moment' videos such as this, but having most of it being totally undiscovered I thought I'd share my musical journey with people by posting the original songs that I've written and made in life, starting with my earliest ones.

Most of the videos were quick jobs doing what I could with MS paint and a cheap computer, and a similar story to many of the audio recordings. But I'm glad there's some recording of all of these at least.

Hope you enjoy them. I'd love to know what you all think.


I wrote this tune and made this video sometime around 2008. People really enjoyed the song when I played it out busking.


When is it over is an anti-war protest song I made back in the day. Video quickly whipped up on MS paint but not a bad job considering I don't think.

Organic chocolate music (2009) - Live acoustic guitar and singing improvised song from the heart.

This one's a jam from the heart around Christmas time. In this improv I sing about life, my teeth, organic chocolate and the war industry.

Ya Gonna Push Us Too Far (2011) written just before recording

I wrote this one whilst looking after my friends place whilst they were away at a festival, where around the same time I made what I could of my electronic tunes 'We are Born' and 'Without You'.


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