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When one of your online trolls sees sense. Good news - Dodgy Amazon reviews finally taken down.

Some positive news at last regarding the stalkey-stalkey stuff. Not that we've got the evil rumble video removed from the whole Cory Resilient Saga just yet, but it appears after being left no choice but to log my happenings on the internet about online trolls banding together, it appears to have made some small difference at least.

I'm glad I'd left some of my tabs open now and decided to leave some sort of trail at least. After just going to close them I suddenly realised that Whispy14 had changed their name to Rafika22 and deleted the profile picture of them/some lady standing behind a white column, it's just a blank now. Here's me currently wondering who from Victoria, British Columbia was viewing my website, and if the other person appearing to be from Middle Island, USA had any sort of connection at all. Was it the bad watchers, or the good ones. Was it nothing at all? Who knows? Like I said, always leave a trail if you can when it starts getting dodgy like this. Anyhow, I'd like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to Whispy14 aka Rafika22 for deleting their entire google review history including the review both left recently on Welcome To Leatheton, and the review left on the now deshelved 'How Not To Fit Up a Squatter'. Finally some peace from needless war, if only Cory Resilient could now do the same and find it within himself to remove the dodgy video and to quit hounding my friends with the post link of it on their Facebook pages, and to stop seeing this as some childish senseless war. As mentioned in my writings, I too had let me ego get the better of me through all this and had started to see it as a challenge, but it's not only dragging me down but I actually wholeheartedly don't want to see him doing this to people and I want someone to help the lad. Forgiveness is the key here, that doesn't mean having to allow someone else back in your life, but to know that they can choose to learn to stop causing harm and damage and move forward into a much healthier direction.

Once again thanks to Whispy14 also currently know as Rafika 22 and Raz Putin on Youtube for deleting their reviews. I did notice at the same time they also changed their Raz Putin profile pic to an American Flag also. Bit of a daft distraction method if they are in the area that I suspect they may be in. I could well be wrong and misreading certain website visitors, but if I'm right think cricket and racecourses and you might not be too far off the mark. Anyhow, I have no interest in doxing people, just keeping myself safe really.

Let's hope this all gets put to bed soon. But for now I'm glad my amazon reviews aren't so affected now with blatantly false and damaging reviews.

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