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My polymer project - three weeks in.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

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A big thanks to those of you that ordered one or more of my new handcrafted beaded bracelets over the last few weeks. It really has been a big help to try and restart a business I had stuck my toes into a few years back whilst in Brighton.

3 weeks in and I'm still getting over the ring rust. (Not a medical condition


It's true though, and buy being able to get more clays in I've been able to start retraining myself up ready for the next load of epic projects I'm really looking forward to working on. A few mistakes along the way, but I know my next load of beads are going to be even better!

For those of you that knew me in 'the old days' (Brighton crew), I use different techniques these days. No smoking in the workplace, slight alterations to my methods of curing (which takes a little longer) and I now wear hair nerdy is that! No shiny spots on the beads these days too!

(Continued below)

So I've now got the mini over, as for the pasta machines I've somehow broken two, don't ask lol.

I've still got some lovely beads out of it all mind which you can find on the shop pages. I'm hoping to sell a few to reinvest in more polymer clays for some designs that I'm really looking forward to starting on. I know you'll love um.

Anyhow, you can my new beads at , the earliest designs of 2021 pictured below.

A big thanks to anyone that has shared my page, supported, retweeted etc. It's been essential to help get these out to people that will love um. Big thanks for those that have given me feedback, has been all good so far.

Big Love.

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