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My life in photos - Part 2

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So there's no visual memoirs of me living in Scarborough for a bit, nor anything really from my time living in the New Forest. I always drifted back off to London though.

Working in Herbal Nightclub in Shoreditch near Hoxton was a blast. Very likely the best 'actual' job that I've ever had (Being the youngest in a crew making raves at 16 was pretty nice to be fair). I started working there as a cleaner and glass collector before becoming a steward and wristband checker. Really enjoyable social kinda work.


Risking my credibility here with this next bit.

Not too long after that, I left London.

There are a lot of things that I've mostly kept to myself for many years. Mainly because when I did start to speak out, many people told me that it was my mental health.

There was indeed some strange stuff starting to happen to me in London, some of could easily be perceived as being paranoid but other stuff I still can't explain.

I was getting strange things happening to my phone settings, over my phone calls, things changing on their own and noises played over phone calls including people making strange demonic screechy sounds. I believe that there is something happening in society relating to abuse that we acknowledged or challenged fully yet.

We have touched the tip of the iceberg with education on narcissism, stalking, sexual abuse etc, but I believe there is still a lot more unfortunately happening beneath the surface which we have to tackle.

One phone call went something like this.

Me - "Well babe, when we went there we...... hey up did you hear that mad sound down the phone then?"

GF - "Nah I didn't hear nothing, what was it........oh I've just had a mad sound playing down it now."

Me - "Yeah it sounded like a child hitting a toy keyboard, it must be some sort of crossover from a baby monitor in the flats across the street.

(Sound of a keyboard playing blatantly by a musically skilled adult begins to play).

Oddly enough a few years later I went through similar stuff regarding my phone. Other weird events happened but I won't go there as I find it difficult still to this day to understand what was what.

There was me trying to understand it all, it took me many years to and still to this day I'm baffled by the strange things that go on in this world. Like many I tried to research into it and there weren't really many videos at all on youtube relating to narcissism and psychopathy back then.

I was indeed on the edge of a dangerous rabbit-hole by looking into it on the internet, semi-wondering if I'd been part of some MK ultra style research program or if the Freemasons were out to get me.

I'd laugh, except that it was a very dark place and time in my life.

Still to this day people are going through all sorts of strange abuses, and when so many go to seek help they can be diagnosed with the wrong mental health issues. The abusers currently have the power in today's world. People's ignorance caters for them.

If abusers want to, they can make you end up with all-sorts of diagnoses because not enough people are understanding the abuses along with the confusion and trauma such events can bring.

The whole series of events sucks you into a dark force and headspace and before you know it, that's the sort of energy your drawing in and looking for. It's pretty much dark witchcraft, this soul-stealing game people have still baffles me. Why why why?

Maybe I'll talk more about my more recent stalking cases from within the last ten years. There will be people with a vested interest to shut me up, my bubble has burst to some degree about talking about all this.

Ben's mad, lost the plot, fantasist, attention seeker, trouble maker etc.

No one's ever said that to me though, which highlights another one of the human fears many of us have about speaking out.


Maybe I should mention that I'd also been set-up by some metropolitan police officers. If it wasn't for the fact that I managed to prove it all which led to their arrests and eventual sacking from the force, I'd be inclined to think that you wouldn't believe me.

You can find out more in my book 'How Not To Fit Up a Squatter' , or listen to the video below for a free book reading.

(Please excuse the video quality during the first few minutes, it does improve slightly)

Anyway, without ranting on too much, I moved to Brighton and crashed on the sofa of friend for a short while before squatting with new friends that I had met whilst in the city.

Have to say, love Brighton. What a fantastic city, if you're a bit of a free-spirit like me and enjoy being around creatives then definitely go and check Brighton out, it's full of so many wonderful people. It's a bit like living in a festival full-time to some degree!

Here's the time we squatted in a mansion at the top end of Kemptown, and ended up in all of the mainstream newspapers in one day. That was a laugh.

You can also read about it here in The Daily Mail.

"Their parents are probably doctors or architects"

If only you knew 😂

We had a lovely party in that place before we left. Nothing too full on, but some of Brighton's musicians came and played on the grand piano whilst we got the fireplace going. It was quite a pleasant little doo to be fair. And I performed myself there too after me friends egging me on.

My friend gave people at the party an educated tour too, explaining as much about the history of the building as we could.

It was once occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Fife and her father King Edward VII used to come to visit and even had his own royal loo there as pictured below lol.

Royal flush^^^^

I soon then became a father for the first time in my life to my wonderful daughter.

As well as working with my friends at the Brighton Fringe festival, I also started making these handmade bracelets from Polymer clay.

Every bead is handcrafted by myself using a caning technique as used in tradition Venetian glass, before being hardened using an oven.

These pink and white bracelets glow in the dark. I've started making them again but this year with new and improved design and hardening techniques which you can find on my shop page at https://www.benwestwooduk.com/available-items

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