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My life in photos. - Introduction

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Sometimes I find myself gloomy, forgetting all of these good memories.

Sometimes I have to prove to myself as much as to other people that despite all of my setbacks and times of hardship, many of them have led to bright moments and great people.

Maybe one or two of you might even want to know a little about what became of that young man at the ending chapter of 'Poems From a Runaway'.

Sure I've had my struggles, and in my 20's I had at one point for years completely fell out of the system, struggling to get bank accounts, struggling to get jobs because of lack of bank accounts, and not having any local connection for really long enough anywhere to help me get anywhere to live.

For most part I was squatting and despite it being an obvious essential method of survival, I also had some beautiful times.

Through it all it's been hard to prove to people that know about my childhood of being in care and living rough on the streets of London that I do try hard to like, not be homeless.

I guess it's easy for any of us to fall out of the system, but for many years I bounced around doing the best I could. When it was smooth it was smooth, but when things did go downhill it often took me a long time to get back on my feet despite all of my efforts.

Sure I had times when it was purely my own fault for making bad decisions, but for most part it was due to a system that didn't cater for those that had fell out of it. I so wish that I'd known back then about care leaver charities and the like, things would be very different.

Even in the last six or seven years, despite all of the nightmare house-shares and dodgy characters that have weaved in and out of my life, there has still been plenty of positive stuff going on which I'm going to show you now.

I guess this is more for me than anything, some sort of healing and remembering that there really were plenty of good moments.

I'm just good that a small part of it was captured.


Click here for part one.

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