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My Christmas Keyboard Show 2021

Some of you may have noticed a short while back that I borrowed my girlfriends keyboard for a bit and became a bit obsessed with making beats. To be fair, since writing and promoting Poems From a Runaway I've hardly been doing music to the same degree I used to, I've needed this lol. Anyway, I was planning on making a Christmas video show for you all, but with an out-of-action laptop I did it on my tablet but the sound rendering isn't all that - however, there's a higher quality version of it on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/ben-westwood/christmas-keyboard-show-2021-chill-out-funky-house-trance-techno-and-more

All the songs on here were made by me, very recently, using just a keyboard and a 4 track musicians notepad recorded , and many of the tracks were done largely in one take (such as drums and pianos on same track, with no cut edits on them) a true bodge-job of a jam but hopefully I've pulled it off and some of you enjoy this.

Really can't wait for you to hear 'Messy Toast and Tea In a Garden' , I think it sounds ace. I'll leave the Youtube video below if any of you want to still comment, like and support it to help get my stuff out there to more than the current 5 or 6 people that currently listen to my music. 5 or 6 lovely people mind.

Here's the full track list of my recent releases on this show :)

  1. Nutter With a Keyboard (House)

  2. Funky Icecream (Funky Chillout)

  3. Bright Skies and Sunbeams (Trance)

  4. The Light Shines On (Trance)

  5. Feeling The Heart Beating (Trance)

  6. Back To The Noughties (Trance)

  7. Cosmic Messages (Trance)

  8. Mystic Winds (Trance)

  9. Messy Toast and Tea in A Garden (Funky, Jazzy Chillout)

  10. As Light as A Feather (Meditative)

Those enjoying the show can support me at paypal.me/benwestwoodUK and a huge thanks for any support. I'd love to get my laptop fixed and do better shows, with actual decent rendering, so thanks to those supporting my art and creations.

Ciao for now and have a merry Christmas and New Year. All the best.

Ben Westwood.

Youtube video premiers at 6pm Sunday 12th December. Thanks for comments or those that leave us a like to help more people discover my stuff.

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