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How to support the 'Misunderstood' project by Ben Westwood.

Hi folks, for anybody that might want to support the book project that I'm working on about discrimination and stigma faced by care leavers, the homeless and other groups - I've provided some ways that you can help support me whilst completing the book which is currently in it's latter editing stages. I'm not sure if the copious amounts of time and energy that go into the majority of my writing pieces is obvious or not, but your support both in terms of motivation and helping me to keep the peanut butter survival kit in stock really is a huge help. Similarly, Poems From a Runaway would likely never have even been published without your essential and fantastic support for it.

To read the currently uploaded contents of my book visit For more information on how to support and gain exclusive access to some of the chapters see the 3 options below :) ALL OPTIONS COME WITH AN ACCESS CODE TO YOUR EMAIL FOR EXCLUSIVE CHAPTERS FROM 'MISUNDERSTOOD' 1. You can order one of my polymer clay bracelets, designed and handcrafted from scratch by me :)

I'll pick um for you. You can choose between picking a random style bracelet and feminine or/and masculine styles. (UK only, please email for international requests) £5.99 each or 4 for £20

2. Order a bundle pack containing my largely undiscovered fictional poetry book called 'Welcome to Leatheton' (signed) plus a bundle pack of 4 of my handcrafted polymer clay bracelets.

Welcome to Leatheton is the first of a fictional poetry series described by one of it's few readers as "Everyone I know, everyone I've met and everyone I'm yet to meet."

(UK only, please email for international requests)

Signed book plus 4 handcrafted bracelets - £25

3. If neither of these take your fancy and you'd simply like access to the exclusive chapters that I've uploaded then you can help me get the basics in whilst finishing the book by leaving a tip to along with an email address that I can send the special access code to. A huge thanks for your support as keeping myself sustained whilst absolutely ploughing through my writing is essential in helping to keep my spirits up through what at times has been a difficult book to write. A huge thanks for your support from an underdog author ;)


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