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New additions and coming soon - My lucky dip bracelets

Ello lovelies. Just thought I'd let you all know that I'll soon be making a 'lucky' dip option on my handcrafted bracelets shop. It's a great way to get a bracelet at a reduced price and some of you may like them more than the specific designs that I have on offer at my bead shop. I'll pull out a random mix of my handcrafted beads (made by myself if you don't already know) and design them onto a bracelet for only £11.99 I will of course be making sure the bracelet still has a nice design with the randomly selected beads, and I may still be putting one to two back here and there to ensure all the beads sit perfectly onto the bracelet just as with all my others. As it's my birthday, I'll leave the tinkering with the website until tomorrow, but those that would like to purchase one can still do using the paypal button below.

Postage is £1.50 and free postage for orders over £25. See the beadshop for more designs at

Examples of my lucky dip bracelets. £11.99 each.


Check out my new additions too on the site. Available now, only a small number of each available.


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