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Being part of a Royal building's history, and sharing King Edward the sevenths personal toilet.

I guess there's not many people that can say that they've done a number two on the same toilet seat that King Edward has. But I can! Wahaaaaay. Some years ago, in my crazy days whilst also going through a crown court case a witness against two police officers that had attempted to frame me, I'd managed to get up to all sorts in-between.

Why life guides me to such places I do not know, but living in a royal mansion, albeit as a squatter, was somewhat of an experience indeed. More so when attempting to dodge the cameras from photographers and newspaper reporters. If you enjoy these videos please do consider giving us a like and subscribe. I could do with all the help I can get too be honest. Oh, and I'll share some old photos from back then with you all too :)

Getting royally tipsy in the 'sunroom' across the road from the sea.

Grand piano in a room we had a little concert in. Look at the size of the chair compared to the room!

King Edward the seventh's personal toilet!

King Edward the seventh's personal toilet

Freaky orb spirits in the mansion ballroom? Or Edwardian dust particles?

More orb spirits/Edwardian dust particles

The servant staircase has been liberated!

"Safe mate"

An indoor window. I'm sure there's a reason

I've seen much worse kitchen ceilings!

I think the dumbwaiter might have actually worked!

Nice one!

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