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The system is rigged for stalking and harassment behaviour. This really needs to change. PART 4

***Disclaimer. All I want is for the stalking and harassment to stop, and people do the right things. My aim here is not to cause harm to Cory Resilient, but instead try to put an end to this current madness by any means necessary in what has been a series of systemic failings in dealing with this.

Those of you that have read from Part 1 will already know that this whole thing mainly stems from the malicious harassment video put onto Rumble (and also Youtube before it was removed) which has been extremely difficult to get challenged and removed thus far, as well as recent stalking from Cory Resilient leaving comments on TikTok and spamming this videos link to my friends on Facebook.

But back to where we are then. Do I have to put my hands up and admit any wrongdoing? I think possibly so, however I'm hoping that after somebody all of a sudden switches on you and threatens you in such a way that some sort of reaction is understandable at least. So I proppa went for it like a lunatic didn't I. 'This guy's gonna come and try to destroy me?' I said. 'Let's av it then.'.

It was however a completely unwise move, my ego getting the better of me and admitting I'd added fuel to the fire. I started researching into his profiles and started to realise that this pattern of stalking and harassment had been a frequent pattern of his, and behind the scenes whilst I had been cheering him on during his talks of corruption in the homeless factory-farm money-machine, there had also been another side to Cory Resilient which seemed to be stalking and harassing other people, often women which I found interesting but who am I to judge?

Meanwhile, he was stalking peoples profiles then posting it on his own videos claiming that he was being 'gangstalked'. One video which I think may have been taken down now thankfully was claiming a woman working at a health centre was a gangstalking freemason along with all of her family. The video contained even her home IP address and Facebook friends and families profiles. All whilst claiming they were gangstalkers.

I'd felt completely betrayed more than anything, and a bit of a mug for getting behind a guy that behind the scenes was trying to bully people. I'd asked him several times to remove our private chats from the video and leave me out of his madness but there'd simply been no budge, and so like a bit of a mug myself and letting impulse get the better of me, I made the video outing him on what he was doing behind the scenes, which I've since unlisted from Youtube.

Again, I have to put my hands up to my own part in wrongdoing in making that video, but at the time I was raging with the feelings of betrayal and well, I've unlisted it since to save his grace but it seems all the cards for some reason are in this guys favour. Does he have friends in Facebook reviewing teams or is it simply the AI system not picking up on what's really going on here? I've got to admit, when all this first started happening I was on a trip. Some 'good will prevail' bullsh*t, still though I'm truly concerned about where this is going. If nothing else, it sheds a spotlight on how tragic circumstances in a number of ways can occur without anything being done to acknowledge it let alone prevent it. As mentioned in my latest video concerning what I now believe to a be collaboration, I had suspected there might have been more than meets the eye to all of this and I truly hope I'm wrong.

Still though, this all needs to come to a stop. I emailed you last night regarding my plea to you for some sort of ceasefire. And I hope that all this comes to an end soon because it's really getting rather odd and weird.

The sooner the better really, without the need for legal teams and police and stuff, and with a positivity for us both moving forward.

Until that day, this will be a log of whatever events can occur, and people can look at it themselves and make up their own minds as to what's going on. A sanctioned stitch-up? Sometimes I wonder ya know. Peace.

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