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The system is rigged for stalking and harassment behaviour. This really needs to change. PART 3

***Disclaimer. All I want is for the stalking and harassment to stop, and people do the right things. My aim here is not to cause harm to Cory Resilient, but instead try to put an end to this current madness by any means necessary in what has been a series of systemic failings in dealing with this.

The harassment video from Cory Resilient under the username 'Anonymous Hitlist' on Rumble is still up, hence why I'm still typing and you are still able to read this blogpost. As I'm still flabbergasted at the amount of 'this is not breaching community standards' responses I'm getting back from Facebook is a bit of a weird one to say the least having the video link being posted onto many of my friends profiles of which I and some of them have tried to report.

So, seens as I've been forced to go on the defence, I may as well explain how this whole story began. See, Cory Resilient wasn't always this person I'd beefed with, I'd actually respected him greatly at one point even though I hadn't met him.

I've been writing a book which I'm hugely distracted from at the moment for various reasons including this, and it's about stigma and discrimination among care leavers and the homeless. I also talked a little about corruption in the book and ironically also stalking, harassment and the weirder dynamics like this very situation that we find ourselves in here.

My impression of Cory Resilient had always been "Yes mate, you see things for what they are and are speaking up for the homeless."

When all this stuff started to get twisted, sure, I called him a fraud. But I do I totally believe that deep down? To be honest I'm unsure and perhaps it's possible for people to have both valid points and go through situations that we find ourselves in here. Do I think Cory Resilient is a bad person deep down? Perhaps if I'd have found evidence of doing what he's doing to myself and others long before 2021 I would of thought he was a complete total wrong-un. But maybe it's possible to be wrong, and perhaps crushing people for some of the mistakes they make certainly isn't the way forward, and like I said, when all this finally gets dealt with properly, which doesn't have to mean arrests and court trials, all of this will hopefully be merely just something in the distant memory of us all, where like I said in the video I'd made last night before discovering what appears to be a collaboration between two or more people, we can all move on forward to much healthier and better things.

Having written a whole chapter about Cory and his Victoria BC profits campaign in my book about discrimination and stigma, I'd one day written on my Facebook about how I was chuffed that Cory Resilient was going to be featured, along with another person that has their own chapter too.

Oddly though, I remember feeling iffy about it at the time and thinking 'well, I know I've got history and you never know who might try to mess this up.'

But after that I'd thought 'Nah man, Cory, he's alright he is, he helps people that think they're targeted individuals, he can't be brought out.' Perhaps I'm completely wrong about the whole 'being brought out' thing, but I did find it extremely odd how he suddenly decided to switch on me out of nowhere.

Perhaps there were some sub tones though, along with a few others I'd noticed on my social media what had first appeared to be a genuine concern about children being groomed into the LGBT scenes had now turned into a full-blown hate campaign on anybody that happened to be that way inclined.

I'd even started writing statuses on my Facebook page about it, explaining that although people had some very valid points about the future of children in schools as well as women's sports that I just thought that at times people were taking it all a little bit too far in which I felt I started to see things as some sort of circus.

Cory Resilient among others had noticed those statuses, in which that's what seemed was the initial triggering point in all of this. But I can't help but wonder if it was simply just the perfect excuse.

I can't remember what sparked the argument off initially. Like, I thought everything was cool but he soon expressed how he thought I 'wasn't a man of god' and that I was an agent of the devil or something along those lines. "All your posts about the LGBT stuff" or something he said. I expressed to him that I didn't feel too comfortable having him in the book after what I'd felt was a blanket-hate coming from not only himself but one or two others I know which I'd really felt bad for some of the great people I know that are gay.

I know in my experience in the cities at last as a runaway child and young teen living on the streets of London, some of the lovelies people I'd met that really helped me were gay, often working in the homeless day centres and shelters and stuff. Sure I'd had gay predators try it on and stuff a few times, but there's just as many straight ones too in the grand scheme of things.

However, he'd gone and posted the video on his Cory Resilient Youtube channel along with some Christian rant which I actually feel a bit sorry for him about to be honest. I'm all for following the path of God and Christ if one chooses to but something felt off about it, cultish even, and I felt that Cory Resilient's 'Christian' teachings were often causing more damage, more hate and more division than was necessary in the world.

In the video he's decided to post our personal and private conversations up which just isn't how I roll man. As far as I'm concerned, it's liberties, why do that and decide to cash in on peoples personal conversations. I'd asked him politely to remove those private conversations between us regarding our argument and I must admit, perhaps when Cory Resilient refused to, I could of handled it better.

Sure I gave it all the biggun, hands up to that. I just felt a bit betrayed though at the time and it seemed it wanted it all his way or the highway for some reason. It's likely important to note that I sent Cory Resilient a peace offering in the form of an email yesterday with a link to the video I'd made before realising the potential link with the Raz Putin (Youtube) and Wispy14 (Amazon review) profiles.

Perhaps I wouldn't be asking the questions as to what this really truly was about though if I hadn't of started receiving emails such as the following. My apologies in advance for the foul language here, on my part also.

Some of you might already be asking what the links were to. What I hadn't quite realised at that point was that Cory Resilient was doing this to others so regularly that I think he'd completely forgotten telling me about him being able to create Gdrive links as well as QR codes that could gain access to the information in a persons system. Obviously, I didn't click the link. But as this whole saga unfolded I began taking a deep dive and finding out what he'd been doing to others behind the scenes which sure I'll put my hands up to admitting that in some ways the stalked became the stalker. I think I didn't help myself along the way perhaps and I'[d even let my own ego get the better of me, but I'd even started speaking to people that had clicked those kind of links he'd sent them which must have been a bit of a head-wreck. The truth was I never started that journey until he came onto my personal Facebook photos calling me a 'peadophile Junkie' and a 'predator goof'.

That's when I started thinking that it was all just a bit too weird though. Again if Cory or anyone else he knows reads this, let's all just put this bed ay? Nobody needs it, again, it's all just empty calories. Like I said, I'm happy for all of this to be removed, but not at the expense of watching others getting away with plotting my own demise. Do I feel bad about writing this blog post? Well, sort of, but I just found myself asking if I'm simply too kind at times. I certainly wouldn't want this blog post to be up forever, it's really not how I roll, I'm not out to hurt you!! Still though, the fact that people can get away with doing this shows how weird this world can really be. For every baffling situation such as this that sheds a light on systematic failings that allow such harassment, stalking and abuse with it comes the undoing of a spell. Some of those times aren't easy, others come with an uplifting release. Either way this all needs to come to an end, the sooner the better. Once again Cory Resilient, please do read this and think carefully. This doesn't have to end in either of our demise. People forget, people move on. This really doesn't have to be a war. Peace.

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