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The system is rigged for stalking and harassment behaviour. This really needs to change. PART 2

***Disclaimer. All I want is for the stalking and harassment to stop, and people do the right things. My aim here is not to cause harm to Cory Resilient, but instead try to put an end to this current madness by any means necessary in what has been a series of systemic failings in dealing with this.

CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 I suppose in order to explain these massive failings of tech companies and the police (and myself for rising to the bait!) I need to explain the full story of how this senseless nonsense came about.

This rant isn't so much about my own justice, but this experience as a whole and seeing how these sorts of things can generally remain unchallenged despite people a lot more vulnerable than myself going through them. Perhaps if after a month Cory Resilient had come to his senses and took the video he's made down then I wouldn't even be writing this post, but having mentioned in Part 1 of the constant baffling barriers I'm facing in getting anyone to remove links or videos then what am I to. I'd even unlisted the videos I'd made in my defence in the hope that all of this will go away, but it hasn't. Until those videos are removed, these posts are staying up, simple as! You don't get to make the rules Cory Resilient, life is about co-operation!

I'd know Cory Resilient from the internet many years ago now and had first discovered him whilst being in all sorts of forums , sites and Youtube channels looking for answers to some questions in my life, of which I'd discovered an international large group or a scene of people calling themselves 'targeted individuals'. In my own opinion, I found that some where there to find genuine answers, others had obvious mental health issues and there were also others there exploiting the confused and vulnerable.

Unfortunately since all of this I now consider Cory Resilient to be one of the latter, another exploiter preying on peoples confusion and vulnerability, another 'hero' claiming he can help targeted individuals improve their security but sadly I think this lad is just searching for a place to belong, and perhaps in all fairness to himself - to be accepted and taken in.

I can empathise with that to much of a degree, and I think deep down that's the path he's searching for. Sadly though his current downfall is his abusive acts and 'you can't do nothing about it' attitude to people are doing little for my patience levels at the moment. Like I said, I wouldn't even be writing this if he had thought after a month to take the video down that he made and stuck on rumble. You know what, if Cory did decide to come to his senses and take down both the vile and harassing videos he's made then I'd take these blog posts down.

I'm really not in this game for self-promotion or extra sales. Sure I try and make a pound or two to feed myself along the way whilst writing these blog posts but I know deep down that's all about change, a resolution, a solution. This isn't me wanting to fight back to destroy a guys life either, this is me saying "what the heck is happening, this isn't right and people shouldn't be getting away with it, and this is the only way I can defend myself against people that might believe it and social media companies failing to tackle it"

If Cory did ever come to me and say that he wanted to put an end to all the senseless internet waring I'd be taking this all down in a flash. Sadly from the tone in his emails which I'll soon show you, this is all about a game of power. I really don't want to accuse Cory of coming across as a potential rapist because it's not a nice thing to be accused of, but if this guy won't come to his senses after all of this then what else am I supposed to think? Like many of the other guys I've pulled up about similar types of harassment in the past and in the offline world, a deep dive into his alter-ego Anonymous British Columbia Youtube channel reveals that this seems to be his MO. I also believe he's doing this because he thinks I'm in a fragile head space and am vulnerable. I would suggest to Cory Resilient to change his online behaviour or how else could we think otherwise?

Sure I might have a few little secret fascists and wrong-uns stalking me after saying this but it's the price you pay at times for speaking out. Not that people know the ins and outs of my life, but it's happening behind the scenes anyway so what's their to lose? Like I said though, they're all getting away with it all of the time. The so-called respectable world is ruled by such folk, and it's no wonder that scandal after scandal only get's exposed once it's all a bit too late.

But perhaps writing this blog is only fair. Perhaps Cory should get a taste of what it's been like for me recently when I'm walking around the supermarket wondering if any local people really have been posted the video and might believe that I'm a sex-case. The thing is, I wouldn't want that for him to be honest All I want really is an end to it all really, and what is one to do when the so-called legitimate doors are slam shut on you and people like this seem to constantly get away with it.

Sometimes I wonder the amount of people I'm really up against. Is this just the few and insane, or is this all too often just how it goes? The world turning a blind eye to full blown sick and twisted online abuse and continually allowing it to keep on happening. It certainly makes me wonder now that I know that people such as Cory Resilient are getting away with harassing others like this on a frequent basis. The game is too often rigged for abusers, and oh boy don't they know it.

Of course, as you will read in part 3, I certainly hadn't helped the situation in the beginning. I'll explain the full story in the next part, but what had started off as a disagreement followed by me asking him to remove our private chat conversations from his Youtube channel, well, it's all now turned into this weird madness and I've got to say I've been many places recently mentally in my search for answers as to why exactly this has started out of nowhere.

Deep down I don't want to believe that someone is putting him up to this, but for me I just can't help questioning it. A niggling feeling perhaps and it's not like I've not got enemies out there. Believe you me, this is not the first time that police have blatantly refused to take statements from me and I know for sure I've rattled some cages, and sometimes I wonder how far the tentacles reach out of them. It's a small world. Enough said.

Like I said before, I didn't react very well when Cory Resilient had started threatening to 'out me' with false claims of folders of supposed proof that I was a sexual predator. They were actually dodgy links that he'd created himself, which I didn't click because Cory Resilient has been left to run so rampant that I don't think he could actually remember telling me before that he could make those links and create QR codes that gain information to peoples systems and potential access to it.

I remember upon being told it that given it being put into the wrong hands that it could cause a lot of potential damage, little did I know that all of the time I was listening to Cory Resilient, often through Facebook Messenger, as well as bigging him up on social media for him talking about the money-machine around homelessness, that behind the scenes he'd been stalking other people which I highlighted in a now unlisted Youtube video.

I wholeheartedly admit I was a right fool for making that video in retaliation, and I may as well own up to having just deleted the comment I'd written underneath the video quoting 'Who's got the folder now Cory? Who's got the folder now? The thing is, even before I've had chance to explain to you all how all of this has started, I've recently found out much more. Here whilst I'm typing I've been trying to work out if he's been put up to this. As of 9th June 2023 I believe this to now be a co-ordinated effort which I will explain about in the story. But I have a strong reason to believe that Cory Resilient has joined forces with someone else that had been leaving me fake and damaging reviews on both 'Welcome To Leatheton' as well as an old book I wrote ages ago and took down called 'How Not To Fit Up a Squatter' - big hello to Wispy14 (aka Raz Putin on Youtube) whoever you are hiding behind that column in your photo there!

Last night I even made a peace-making video and reverted the first part of this blog post as a draft as some sort of peace offering. I doubt nothing will come from it though hence why I'm still writing this. But the more that goes on the more unravels as to what really is going on here.

Considering the harrasment videos are all still up, I may as well go on to explain how all this started. My only form of defence currently as what is constantly a saboutage allowed to happen. I've reported similar book reviews before to Amazon but nothing ever get's done about it. So in part 3 I'll explain the whole story. Ciao for now. Like I said Cory Resilient, there's always chance to stop all of this. But until that day I simply won't turn my cheek and ask you to slap me again. Thank you and good day! CLICK HERE FOR PART 3

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