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The system is rigged for stalking and harassment behaviour. This really needs to change. PART 1

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

***In this post I mention a profile called 'Anonymous British Columbia. PLEASE NOTE this is NOT in reference to TMC Anonymous British Columbia' who appear to be a completely separate entity.

***Disclaimer. All I want is for the stalking and harassment to stop, and people do the right things. My aim here is not to cause harm to Cory Resilient, but instead try to put an end to this current madness by any means necessary in what has been a series of systemic failings in dealing with this.

My patience has worn thin now, not just with formerly respected homeless-advocate-turned stalker and harasser Cory Resilient, but also with social media company META (Facebook) as well as my local police. Ideally I'd like all this put to bed, but it seems I'm being told I should just put up and shut up with it. After a sickening and vile video was put out last month on rumble about me, I'd sort of hoped that Cory Resilient (masking as Anonymous British Columbia would of got bored and backed off, even after trying to put the spooks in me after stalking my Facebook and looking into my local community posts to figure out where I was before threatening to use paid targeted ads to try and get people to believe that I'm banned from being around schools and a registered sex offender. (I have an enhanced DBS check which states otherwise) Thankfully anyone with half a brain can analyse the video and see it for exactly what it is. But with the video being posted all over my friends Facebook posts under the banner of 'Anonymous British Columbia' it perhaps raises some important questions as to why these things are being allowed to happen, especially as I've had friends that have been suspended for much less.

In this vile video, which is being promoted on Rumble as 'Anonymous Official Hitlist' and promoted on Facebook from the 'Anonymous British Columbia' page, it not only doxes families names, makes severe and damaging false accusations, it also encourages me to try and commit suicide as well as containing a fake screenshot of me apparently talking to a fifteen year old girl. I would of liked to have said "well if that was real then why haven't I been arrested" but considering nothing at all has happened to Cory regarding his sick and twisted threats to not only myself but many other people, we can render that quote useless for now. But still, if you find yourself getting sucked into this madness, just ask yourself.... why wasn't it passed on to a predator hunter team, why haven't the police questioned me about it? Heck, this is making me think so much that I'm expecting this to be flipped on me and the narrative becoming that I myself have made the video. It's something I think about a lot during what's been going on. Indeed, I could of made that video in a world full of so many bullshitters and illusion, but I don't like hoodwinking people and I believe truth and honesty is where you find the real guts and depths of a man. I've personally reported many of the comments on my friends Facebook pages as harrasment, which they clearly are having being clearly titled 'Ben Westwood Child Predator Gangstalker' (which appears on the comment when the URL is posted), but every time Facebook come back and say that for some reason it's not against community standards. I'm having trouble reporting the video to Rumble though as I don't have the app and my crappy phone clunks up with new apps, but if anyone that has the app and can see the video for what it really is, I would really appreciate and support in helping to get the video removed. I'm certain that Cory Resilient and his merry band of followers will no doubt play the 'oh he sounds guilty' card but screw these doofs. Anyhow, I'm finding the report responses to Facebook very concerning indeed. It's almost like this guy is protected somehow or something. Some of those on my Facebook know some of the history to all of this, and I've got put my hands up and say when this all started kicking off I saw it as a sort of challenge, but I just never knew how much of a sick f**k this guy was to be honest and it's simply gone way to far now as it's affecting my family. He's also tried stalking me on Tiktok but thankfully TikTok have responded much differently to my comment reports and took them down. Sadly my local police claim I can't make a report because the crime was committed abroad, despite the fact that as far as I'm aware it's 2023 and most police forces have cyber crime units these days. I'm usually happy letting internet stuff slide, but this sort of content and intention is seriously bordering on freaky dark-web sorta vibes and the police failings only remind me all too much of how the Hampstead Hoax had unfolded with not only actor Ricky Dearman having to put up with people from all over the world trying to ruin his reputation, but people even sold their homes after people had simply believed what they were being told without thoroughly investigating it properly. There are many armchair detectives and social media so-called 'activists' these days, but I find that the most popular are usually just cashing in on trends and when it comes to knowing how the world of child abuse and sexual predators really works sadly many are worlds away and revealing context that has ran through filters various times. Many are simply only scratching the surface and are aware of little actually happening within their local communities. It's sad in a way that I have to work harder on finding the legal route to all of this. I'm not a lawyer and even when I outted the police back in the day for setting me up I'd been pretty much completely winging it in court and was lucky to have seen things turn around the way that they did. Couldn't have been done without good people!

Has it affected me in any way? Although Cory Resilient will be absolutely smiling at reading this (I don't actually think he will read this far down though tbh) I've got to admit that it has. I'd told a friend about the video in which even he questioned me, in return I had to say "look at this bit bro, can you not see it's fake?" in which having pointed a few things out, it clicked. However much Cory Resilient and his silly little Anonymous British Columbia pages will enjoy what I'm about to say, it's giving me headaches now. Like, I'm trying to legal route I really am. The thing is though, people like Cory know all to well how to use the system in their favour to carry on harassing people. They laugh at the fact that people face countless barriers and give up in the end, and they thrive on getting away with it. Like, writing about this is currently my only defence stratergy at the moment. His evil little spammy links are coming up on google and totally ruining the vibe on some good people's pages. The truth is though, I really shouldn't have to be doing this. I'm being let down at every turn and yet it's like this geezer is protected or something. Like I said, there's history to this and once upon a time I actually thought this guy was the bees knees. Now I'm finding myself asking if he's a complete fake or merely struggles with a Jekyll and Hyde personality. But it's important to note that the very moment I wrote on my Facebook status that Cory Resilient was going to be in the book I've been working on about stigma and discrimination towards care leavers and those experiencing homelessness, I just had this weird feeling somebody would want to get in the way and mess it up. It's really weird how things have turned out because upon thinking about it I'd thought "Nah, Cory's solid man, he can't be corrupted" but I'm really starting to ask myself some serious questions now. Was I right all along? Perhaps it's time I get new social media accounts. One of Cory's merry band of followers quoted that I 'talked about peadophiles' an awful lot. However tempting it was to respond with "is that a problem?" I'd decided to leave it on this occasion as I've not wanted to add fuel to the fire, of which I already had at some point by making counter-videos to what has been a whole barrage of different forms of online harassment. Sadly I can't make international calls to report it to VICpd over in Victoria, British Columbia from my phone currently as the pricing structure is a bit mental (and also this weird thing of having to pay a £50 deposit wtf is all that about?) but hopefully we can get this sorted soon and make official reports to the police. I have tried to do the right thing and the wise thing up until this point, but at every hurdle have only been driven madder by the baffling reaction to all of this. This shouldn't be happening, but it feels like everyone is watching it happen. Like, this guy is still really going for it, and it feels like the norm is that people like myself should just turn the cheek and keep taking it. No way man, this is all so wrong. I'm really not sure what will even come of police reports to be honest, it seems this guy is notorious for doing it to other people and constantly getting away with it. If the police or Facebook aren't interested then what else am I to do? Perhaps they want me to write about him so we can destroy each other? Who knows? Either way, this is getting really bad and really messy and where does this sort of stuff end? Madness!!!! If you find it extremely bizarre when this sort of stuff happens though, if you're feeling like people or authorities are bafflingly turning their heads and allowing it all to happen, always leave a trail because you just never know if past enemies are deciding to finally try to put it on you! I've tried to communicate respectfully with Cory to put an end to all of this but there's no give with people like him. They want power and they want to win, simple as. Life is a game to such people, they don't care about your feelings, it's all about them and winning the game! A mentality and philosophy that is all too rampant in todays society. I know some people will tell me that writing this post will only make it worse and that I shouldn't do it, but it only sheds a spotlight on the attitude that people like myself should just put up and have to spend our time wondering who exactly has been suckered in by it. The worst thing is, like I said, is that it's not like I haven't tried to do things the right way. But the right way is driving me mad, it's all too backwards. Perhaps my next post I shall reveal the history to all of this considering things are going out of hand now. Unfortunately I do have some serious concerns, and do I worry sometimes about people like Cory? Yes I do, not because he's hard or gangster like he constantly likes to quote that he is all of the time, but because I don't actually think he's the full shilling and people like that can go on to do all sorts of weird stuff, especially as his behaviour reminds me somewhat of an incel school-shooter. This could even become a tragedy that could of been prevented if this is funded as I suspect it very well could be.. Who knows? Either way, if anything happens to me then I'll leave this little trail here! Peace! CLICK HERE FOR PART 2

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