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Support my upcoming books and win £50 to spend at my online shop

Hi folks, just thought I'd throw this competition out there because putting the time and energy into writing books whilst also trying to survive is haaaaard.

Anyhow, I've decided to make a competition where for as little as £2 you could be in for a great chance of winning £50 to spend at my online shop on books or my handcrafted funky-patterned bracelets, personally hand-made by me.

How the competition works.

For every 25 tickets told I'll give a winner a £50 voucher to spend on books or bracelets at my online shop. (I likely won't sell 25 hence why I'm running a competition to help with sales lol)

Tickets are £2 each or 6 for £10 or 13 for £20 . On the super-rare shocking lottery-like off-chance that I sell over £100 worth of tickets I'll also throw in some runner up bonus goodies too. It's a great way to help support my upcoming projects and to help me get the things that help me to continue, such as coffee, which I'm currently out of. OMG! OMG! 😂

The reason I've chosen to do this is because I really don't want to stop momentum of my book despite taking a break from it for a week.

I'm just not the type of person that can do a few minutes of a book a day and actually complete it. I need to go all-in and as hard as I can!

Thanks for any support out there in helping me to complete my current projects. Ben Westwood

COMPETITION ENDS MARCH 1ST- Winners announced and notified (via email) shortly after.

However shameful this might sound I've also set up a Gofundme in order to help me complete my current projects as of current lack of work and sales. I understand that most of us are skint at the moment and not expecting any donors for this, but if anyone does then a real huge thank you from me. It really means a lot that there are people out there that support what I do. https://www.gofundme.com/manage/pqvnkv-help-me-improve-my-content

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