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Why I'll be uploading some of my new book about discrimination online to read for free.

Updated: May 24

A big hello to all of you that have found yourselves here, as some of you might know, I've been writing a book about discrimination and stigma.

In fact I've been yapping on about it for a while now, but I've set myself the task of completing it whilst the subject of protected characteristics for care leavers is the air. I know this is a mammoth task, which is why I'll be calling out for support in return for a few incentives included special access to certain chapters and also my handcrafted polymer clay bracelets. I'd really love to complete the book before my tablet breaks or something. Despite the book being in the latter editing stages I'll be releasing some of it bit by bit with links for support to help keep me going while I get it finished. A huge thanks to those that have got behind me ever, you really are so valued and appreciated and trust me quite often that two, three or five quid coming into my account makes every bit of difference. More coming soon, watch this space.


You can view the frequently uploaded contents list at

To support the book and gain exclusive access to chapters visit

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