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The big book giveaway 2021 - an upcoming crowdfunder

What a fantastic four years it has been since releasing Poems From a Runaway. It hasn't done too bad at all for a book that is still largely underground, and when I started writing the book I never imagined it would help make any difference to social workers understanding of children in care and runaways like I myself was. Like, I sort of hoped it might help a bit, but to know it's been valued the way it has has been fantastic.

I was even worried that the more upbeat and comedic moments which I had used to counteract the more darker episodes, might have made it seem like I wasn't taking the subject of runaway children seriously enough. But that's just me, I overthink too much perhaps, and you have all been fantastic. (Apart from that one guy that left a really strange review on Amazon) When I wrote Poems From a Runaway, I specifically designed it to be readable by anyone. I wanted those that rarely pick up a book to discover it and be inspired to read more, or even write, which is what is inspiring my upcoming crowdfunder. This year I'm planning to raise enough through crowdfunding to donate 500 standard copies of my books to care-leaver organisations, prisons and for those experiencing homelessness. This year I'll be producing some mugs too for those supporting the campaign. Anyone that has read the book may remember one of the lines in the start of the - 'There is treasure in love', which I will be using as a quote on the mug. I'm waiting for a tester mug to be delivered next week so keep your eyes out on my Twitter.

I also have other items in the pipeline for the crowdfunder, all will be revealed soon.

If you'd like to be part of this journey, and be notified when the crowdfunder goes live, please go to my homepage and send me your email address through the subscription box.

Anyone wanting to grab a few copies of Poems From a Runaway in the meantime can still get it off Amazon or can get cheaper deals by purchasing in quantities through my wholesale page.

That's all from me for now, thanks for reading.

Big Love.

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