• Ben Westwood

2021 brings the return of my beads shop

Updated: Jan 10

Like for most of us, 2020 wasn't the year I'd expected. Not everything went to plan did it.

But I've been itching for a while to make at least one more batch of mybeads, which is why I'm bringing back the return of my 'Laughing Beader' bracelets, or whatever name I'll choose in the future.

Every bead is individually handmade by me and are lightweight. Many people think the beads are painted, but they are made during the making of the bead using caning techniques ,which means that the patterns do not scratch or fade off as the colours/patterns run all the way through the actual bead.

It was great to see that everyone's bracelets from around 2009 were lasting so long (for many years) . I've still got a bracelet here I made from around 2013 and it looks as good as new. People were even going into the sea with them (not recommended) and they hadn't even faded.

However, my next batch of beads will be using an even stronger polymer clay for an even longer lasting and quality handcrafted bracelet. I can't wait to try it out.

Watch this space. Coming soon.

Below are some examples of my previous handcrafted beads which I make from scratch. Feel free to use them for inspiration before selecting your custom colours.

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